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Vallee de La Manche

About Run
  • Avoriaz, France
  • By Lift + Hiking
  • 4h 0min

  • Take the Lac Intrets lift. From the top of the lift go left the blue Bleue du Lac run, then turn right to the blue Aller Chavanette slope. Take Le Fornet lift. from the top of the Fornet lift go up. Usually, there is a good path there. Go traverse and gradually climb to the right to the ridge. The offpiste zone is just behind the ridge.

  • You may ski down from the ridge or climb left, then go down to the same valley. You can find several off-piste routes in this valley. Be careful there is a stream at the bottom. Finally, you should take the left side and navigate to standing alone chalet with pond. Use the country ski run. Go through the forest down to the L’Erigne village. Anyway, you won’t miss the village. The bus stop is near the car parking. Take the bus back.

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