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The Hotel Face

About Run
  • Chamonix, France
  • By Lift + Hiking
  • 0h 40min

  • Take the brevent cabin to the top. Get out and start going down the pist. When you come to the sharp turn to take you to the "front" of Brevent follow th tracks to the left (keep your speed up). Then follow the traverse (some sidestepping) until you come to the face which is facing East (other side of the area)

  • Big wide and sttep face. This is where the FTW tour have their comp in Chamonix most of the times. If you ski to the right you come down to the middle station on Brevent and more to the left you end up in Cornu chair bottom. More to the left offers longer skiing with a finish on easier slope and fuin terrain.

  • As always, avalanches.
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