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Ruby Bowl

About Run
  • Whistler, Canada
  • By Lift + Hiking
  • 1h 0min

  • On the Blackcomb side, take the Glacier Express chair up, then head rider’s left, then veer right for the short hike up to the start of Spanky’s Ladder. On a powder day you’ll have to get in line but don’t worry there will be plenty of lines to go around.Spanky’s Ladder is actually more of a snow wall, so you’ll need to take your board or skis off and take it easy as you climb up. Don’t be afraid to crawl on all fours if you need to.At the top head rider’s left, traverse past the cliff signs and you’ll find yourself at the edge of Ruby Bowl. Bounce into those oh so sweet powder pillows and enjoy!

  • The reward is a series of fantastic, steep bowls that collect deep drifts of snow. It’s best to start with Ruby Bowl until you familiarize yourself with the terrain. Its a wide open bowl with not that difficult skiing.

  • Can be avalanche prone
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