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About Run
  • Alagna, Italy
  • By Lift
  • 2h 0min

  • In Punta Indren, cross the Bors glacier until you get to the ridge of the Malfatta Peak. From the top, it is necessary to descend a narrow and steep gorge with the help of a 50 m rope. If it's a good year you can ski down it.

  • It's a pretty easy run after the first chute. Once at the bottom of the gorge, keeping to the left, start descending along the wide slope that take you to Alpe Bors first, then to Alpe Pile and to Wold in the end. From Alpe Pile, You can chose between taking the path across the bridge or the steep wood behind the refuge Pastore, depending on the snow conditions.

  • No real dangers except avalanches...
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