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Le Grand Vallon

About Run
  • Val d'isere, France
  • By Lift
  • 1h 0min

  • From the top of the Pyramide express take the rather long Signal button lift and make sure you don’t fall off as it turns round the corner and yanks you up the steep slope to the top.

  • As you reach the top you’ll be met by an enormous powder bowl. Stay high and you’ll find rock drops into the bowl or traverse in and take one of the other thousand routes down. Either finish off by continuing into the tress to Le Fornet or cut left before you get too low and get back to the button lift. There are several options but it gtes more and more tracked the further down you go.

  • Avalacnhes and windslabs in the top of the bowl.
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  • 0h 10min
  • Simple
  • Average
  • 1200
  • 35 °
  • 3
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