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About Run
  • Åre, Sweden
  • By Lift + Hiking
  • 1h 0min

  • Go the the top with the gondola or the cabin. Walk another 20 min or skin it (or with the snow mobile) to the real summit. Ski straight east. Go to the small col a little bit skiers right and go down behind it. First time it can be tricky to find your way.

  • The is a very short run and considered Åres sole colouir. Its not much to brag with to be honest but a fun short run. After the run traverse skiers right and follow the tracks back and get some extra skiing. The vertical drop includes the whole run and the banana is just a small part of it.

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  • 0h 35min
  • 400
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  • 800
  • 40 °
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