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Gran Couloir Stolemberg

About Run
  • Alagna, Italy
  • By Lift + Hiking
  • 2h 0min

  • If you are in Alagna for the first time this is a great starter run. There are three chutes leading to the Balma vally. Two of them are steep and narrow and just behind the top of the Funifor-lift. But take a 10 min hike instead to the Stolemberg-ridge. You will find one wide and one short chute leading dow to paradise.

  • B careful at the entrance of this run. It can be avalanche prone. Its a wide open field for high speed crusing. If you like to loop this run the whole day you can traverse back to the midstation of Bochetta delle pisse. If not there are 1000 vertical meters left of funny terrain with small cliffs, chutes and other fun stuff. When you reach the village Bors you follow the river back.

  • Avalanches in the start.
  • 0h 20min
  • 200
  • Simple
  • Simple
  • 1800
  • 35 °
  • 3