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Glacier de Mort

About Run
  • Chamonix, France
  • By Lift + Hiking
  • 6h 0min

  • Go to the top of flegere. Continue straigh ahead for some 50 meters and then put on your skins. Thee is usually a track going upwards. You are going to the summit in 1h. The you come to the backside for the skiing.

  • After getting to the col du crochuse (the summit) you have a quite wide and open slope to ski down. There used to be a glacier here but not anymore so you can leave the harness at home. Normally you come from Pointe Alphonse and hence ski down a bit to the right and then it turns left. You can also access from the Belvedere and reach a steeper area. The run will take you to Buet where you take the train back.

  • you are in the backcountry quite far from the lifts.
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