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Galzig Maienplatt

About Run
  • St Anton, Austria
  • By Lift
  • 0h 30min

  • Take the Galzig Gondola (from the St Anton side). The go piste #8 (left behind the gondola exit). You have mutiple options on when to drop in. If you drop in early you can ski the valley seen from the gondola (Jungbrunntobel). If you continue there is a wide open field (Maienwasen) and even further down the Maienplatt).

  • The Jungbrunntunnel is shorter run (the first option), the others are wide open fields with good slope. At the end there is a transport track to take you back to the start of the gondola.

  • The Mainewasen and Maineplatt can be very avalanche prone. Every year there are huge avalanches here. Stick close to the forest.
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  • 0h 5min
  • Simple
  • Average
  • 800
  • 35 °
  • 3
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