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Dead head

About Run
  • Mürren, Switzerland
  • By Lift
  • 1h 0min

  • Go to the top of Piz Gloria. Start going down the slope. After 200 m there are to options. You either go skiers right to the top of the small summit and then ski down (exposed) or you follow the pist another 100 m and then turh right and go under the summit.

  • At the start you are on a wide field above a cliffband. You are very exposed here if there are avalanches. This is where all the deadly accidents happen in Murren. Go across the field and keep to the right. The two most right colouirs you can ski. The take the traverse on the ridge to the right and drop in skiers left when you feel like it.

  • Huge avalanche danger in the first field.
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