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About Run
  • Verbier, Switzerland
  • By Lift + Hiking
  • 2h 0min

  • This tour starts at the top of the Gentianes lift station, from where you pretty much ski the wrong way back up towards the Mont Fort mogul field for a short distance. Crossing the flat glacier where you’ll pass the sad remains of the old T-bar, and having smacked your skins on, you will begin a casual 20 minute traverse up to col Ferret.

  • From col Ferret you can take any of the easterly faces down towards Lac Cleuson, usually you can find realy good powder here. The Skiing is quite easy and not very steep. You exit around the lake to the dam (the otherside to that which you get to from the backside of Mont Fort), then meander all the way down to Siviez and back up to Verbier on the lifts.

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