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Destination guide: Zinal, Switzerland

Zinal is a small village which is situated in Anniviers, which is in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. With 1,675 metres of altitude present in the Swiss Alps in the Val de Zinal, a valley that starts from the Zinal Glacier, that lies on the northern side of Dent Blanche moving towards the village of Ayer, which is a part of Val d’Anniviers.

Along with the Dent Blanche, four other 4000 metres peaks are located in the valley: Weisshorn, Bishorn, Ober Gabelhorn and Zinalrothorn. Zinal’s holiday resort Valais is situated at an altitude of 1670 m which is at the Val d’Anniviers where it becomes the Zinal Valley.

It lies perfectly well in the middle of this magnificent mountain landscape which is bejewelled by mountain peaks of 4000-metres namely Bishorn, Weisshorn, Obergabelhorn, Zinalrothorn, Dent Blanche and Matterhorn.

Zinal is a great place for tourism, and the village is famous for this since past 150 years. Weisshorn is the most dominating mountain landscape of Zinal and with a height of 4506 m, it ranks among the fourth highest peak in the Europe. Mountain climbers are quite fond of this place.

Climbers have to climb for hours, so as to reach mountain huts that are lined across Zinal, which is starting point for the climbers that leads to the summit.

Zinal renders visitors a vast trial of a 300-km way for those who wish to walk, and 150 kilometres of marked areas for mountain bikers.

Here you can also rent children’s equipment, and along with this, there is a library, a gaming facility, grounds for playing and picnicking, swimming pool and climbing garden, which makes the stay quite enjoyable for children as well as their parents.

The ski resort of Zinal-Sorebois offers an ample lot of snow, and it also has nine lift facilities that are located at altitudes that range from 1670 m to 2895 m and when combining both it offers pistes that extend up to 70 kilometres which are against the wide backdrop of a vast mountain scenery.

Zinal’s free-ride terrain which is located somewhere around ‘Gardes de Bordon’ makes it a famous for off-piste skiing, it also has an Avalanche Training Centre also offers the visitors to witness a simulated avalanche make you deal with and prepare you to face any dangerous situation.

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