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Destination guide: Zermatt, Switzerland

Switzerland undoubtedly offers impressive ski towns, but Zermatt is certainly the gem in its kitty. Ski lovers those who might have visited this place will second that calling it world’s most exciting ski resort would not be a mere exaggeration. Despite being surrounded by glacier-covered peaks, the atmosphere over here is influenced by the pyramid of mighty Matterhorn, supposedly one of the most distinguished mountains that we have on Earth.

This place is also famous for its scenic beauty and to maintain this serenity the officials only permit electric cars for commuting. For your comfort, several luxury hotels are placed beautifully across the old wooden barns. It is a perfect destination for holidays where you get narrow yet ingeniously made streets and ample of restaurants.

All in all, it exemplifies the perfect Swiss ski destination of your dreams.

 This place offers three interconnected zones for skiing. All you need is a single ticket to access these skiing zones. These zones can be reached directly from the town, and each of them offers their cluster of lifts.  Apart from this, you can also rejoice two ski zones present on the contour of Italy.

The place offers awe-inspiring scenery which is a holy grail of the photographers and snowboarding makes it more unrelenting. For snowboarding as there are vertical drops of about 7,152 feet on terrain that keeps on varying from cruisers to powder runs. One thing that you are not supposed to miss during your visit is the ride of Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car, through which you can enter up to 12 miles into the Italian region of Cervinia, and can savor midday meal that would cost you half of the price that you would pay in Switzerland.

If you want an in budget place to crash, Hotel Bahnhof is the best place and is famous among the climbers. Wherein, if you are extravagant, then you can stay at The Mont Cervin Palace, which is a classic five-star hotel. Those who have a limited budget for their trip can visit Walliserkanne that offers savory food at reasonable rates. Moreover, the die-hard foodies can visit Chez Heini for mouth watering lamb along with the presence of celebrities. To party hard after skiing hard, you can also visit Unique Hotel Post Zermatt, which offers five bars, and the icing on the cake is that you also get live music in one of them.

One can also take a tour of the Matterhorn Museum to get familiar with the history of the mountain, the first ascent, and several other noteworthy events. Zermatt’s Classic Ski Run is one of the key attraction for the tourists. This place offers unparalleled skiing adventure and awesome environment, which makes it a complete package for your vacation.


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