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Destination guide: Whitewater, Canada

Whitewater, Canada needs a special mention as this place witnesses 40ft of snowfall every year. Several travel magazines call Whitewater, “one of the best powder mountains on the whole continent. Even the Ski Canada has mentioned that Whitewater has the Best Deeps, Best Bowls and Best Glades. Besides this, all these qualities of this place are also highly appreciated by the adventure sports enthusiasts.

The best time to visit Whitewater begins from early December and continues until early April after that snow quality degrades and it’s not fit for skiing and other adventure activities. Every year several skiing events and championships are organised at this place. These events attract hundreds of national and international skiing and trekking lovers.

The Whitewater is just 20 km away from the Nelson City, and there are plenty of travel modes available through which you can come to this place. This site offers approx 1180 acres of the skiable area which is suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert skiers. In a very less time, the Whitewater area has developed at tremendous speed.

Today you can find several affordable & good quality guest houses, ski resorts, equipment shops, at this place. You can also take help of the internet in locating the perfect resort for yourself. The Whitewater has two spots from where you can begin your skiing journey. First one is the North Ridge of Ymir Bowl and the second one is South Ridge of Ymir Bowl. The North Ridge has the top elevation of 2400 m (7874 ft) which makes it a perfect place to start skiing. And the South Ridge has the elevation of 1655 m (5299 ft)

Both the ridges are accessible by the chairlifts that run back and forth to take skiers to their favourite spot. The South Ridge of Ymir Bowl is for beginners, and the North Ridge is usually preferred by the experts as it contains a wide variety of gladed blue and black runs. Because of the steep terrains and plentiful of snow at North Ridge, several chairlifts have been constructed to make this area more accessible.

Moreover, the Government of Canada has also deployed right amount of security measures that keep visitors safe any natural calamity especially avalanches. With the support of locals, the government has also created 24-hour helpline number and expert assistance facilities that assist in keeping the visitors informed about the weather conditions and various other things going on that area.

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