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Destination guide: Vail, USA

Vail is a town in Home Rule Municipality of Colorado, United States. Vail offers an adventurous traveling experience across its mountains – which one cannot get in other American resorts.

The runs over here are classified as per the difficulty level of the slope. There are runs that are categorised into partly black, blue; this implies that you won’t get a lot of surprises after reading the map. When compared to other  resorts in America the runs are quite crowded – however not bad as the Europe.

Here you get to have a free mountain tour around 10.30am, and along with this you get to have a separate tour to Blue Sky Basin around 11 am on four days of the week which is from Monday to Thursday and for skiers of age 50 and above can leverage this tour throughout the day on Mondays.

One of the most attractive features of Vail is that it offers skiing runs for skiers of different ability levels. So no matter whether you are a newbie at skiing you can enjoy skiing here. Vail offers 5,289 acres wide expanse of slopes that are linked through lifts, and this is the reason why it is known as one of the biggest ski resorts in the US. Moreover, these slopes are accessible through three main lifts.

Through the Vail Village, a gondola covers the major focal point at the mid of the mountain, Mid-Vail; which is in the Lionshead, the Eagle Bahn gondola that goes up to the Eagle’s Nest complex; and from the Golden Peak base area just to the east of Vail Village, the Riva Bahn chair moves towards the Two Elk area.

There are ample of Vail’s front face that offers intermediate terrain, and the runs out there are easily navigable. Apart from Lionshead, there are quite long and quiet blue runs such as  Born Free, Bwana, and Simba all go from top to bottom. Another run called the Game Creek Bowl which is nearby is good as well. Avanti, which is the chair, is quite a great cruise.

Slopes for beginners are quite good but are crowded. You can get to leverage incredible nursery slopes at a resort  and quite a good altitude, and the runs can be quite easy and long for the progress. However, these can be quite crowded, as there are so many fast skiers that pass through.

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