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Destination guide: Telluride, USA

Must to visit place for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts with a fetish for great wine and has the zest to lead a high-spirited mountain life. Utterly gorgeous, Telluride is certainly one of the more beautiful ski towns in North America. Telluride Ski Resort offers steep runs that are located right in the National Historic District, and this is the place from where the gondola takes skiers into the area with a vertical height of 4,000 feet of beautiful skiing. This is around 12 blocks in length and does not comprise of any stoplights, billboards, neon signs, and this attractive town has a population of 2,325 people, servers smooth wine and has high-spirited bars to those who love mountains.

When measured from the sea level the town is 8,793 feet, and the lift is over 12,500 feet, so come prepared for the all the adventure.The mountain has a good reputation for bumps and steeps, and Telluride offers quite advanced cruisers as well as terrains for the beginners — which is present in the high-alpine region and these even makes the greenhorn skiers look like adept — which is present of the slopes around its modern Mountain Village.Experienced skiers can experience bowls, bumps, as well as chutes in the resort, and people who are willing to take a hike can leverage in-bounds terrain which is the Black Iron Bowl as well as the Palmyra Peak, which is 13,251-foot.

Heli-skiing is present there in the Mountain Village, along with this the San Juan Hut System provides lodging and multiple routes to take the skiers and snowboarder to experience backcountry adventurers. For a reasonable stay one can visit Mountainside Inn, but the hotel has no other special attraction except its ski-in, ski-out. Wherein, those who wish to rejoice spa and après deck can lodge into The Peaks Resort.

At the base of the gondola, you can visit Oak, which is a barbeque place. Moreover, those who want to eat the French cuisine can visit La Marmotte, which is the old icehouse of the town. To socialize and party you can visit the Sheridan’s Historic Bar, which is the oldest bar in the town. While walking up to the Aspen Street you will realize that it will become trailhead, all you need to do is to keep on going straight and up to Cornet Falls, which is a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall of 80-foot. The plunge is one the most classic run that takes you in the steep parts and let’s you have a look of the historic town.

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  Very difficult