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Destination guide: Stuben, Austria

Stuben am Arlberg is a well-known ski resort which is situated on the west ramp of the Arlberg, a road state Vorarlberg, Austria. The village comes under the municipality Klösterle and is located at the eastern end of the Klostertal situated at the foot of Arlberg and is 1410 m high when measured from the sea level.

It is located in the most welcoming area of Stubenbach and Rauzbach together and also takes the added advantage of the location as well as the flow of Alfenz, a 26 km long river which is the main streamline river of Klostertal. Among the five Arlberg villages, Stuben is the smallest of them all and is quite a typical mountain village which that has 110 residents and ironically 700 guest accommodations. Here you can get three-and-four-star accommodation and along with this, you can get affordable beds along with breakfasts, as well as self-catering apartments.

Through the Albona lift, Stuben is directly connected to the ski area of St. Christoph and St. Anton; at Alpe Rauz, here the tourist also get access to ski bus, which offers you quite a comfortable ride to Zürs, from where you can also visit areas such as Lech and Zürs. The ski pass includes the fare of the ski bus as everything comes in the package you will be taking as there are several resorts in the area that offer quite thrilling adventures to the guests.

The best snow conditions are offered on the north-facing slope, and this mountain has been one of the top favorites for the firn loving people primarily in the season of spring. Moreover, people who are looking forward to the snowfall must visit the place between December to May.

This place can also be enjoyed in summer, thanks to the variety of attractions it has to offer. Apart from skiing, you can also enjoy sports such as hiking and biking, swimming and angling, motorcycling and climbing.

Stuben is quite a perfect starting point that offers tours on motorized and even non-motorized bicycles. It is also great to begin with your extensive excursions to places like Bregenz Festival which is a cultural event and royal palaces. In all the place offers a lot of things that can guarantee you a perfect vacation.

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