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Destination guide: St Anton, Austria

One of the real classic alp reports! And for a good reason: located in Austria’s Arlberg region, one of Europe’s snowiest areas, it boasts 340km of pistes, 200km of off-piste itineraries and over 55km² of challenging off-piste terrain. In addition, it has a highly efficient lift system (97 lifts) and an attractive town bursting with stylish hotels, chalets and restaurants.

St Anton is easy to reach from the Innsbruck airport via train or by car from Munich. Its a very popular place and prices are in general high for food and lodging. You find everything from cheap places to the more expensive stores, hotels and restaurants.

So, what about the off pist? Its pretty much great with lots of great runs. St Anton spans over many different system and you can also ski in Stuben, Lech and Zurs at the same time. In the central system you can find some great runs just by going up the first gondola and keep to skiers right in the visible canyon. Even more to the skiers right you will find some large open fields that are very avalanche prone. If you take the next lifts and go up higher you can find some good and steep colouirs, open fields and everything in between. But beware, there are a lot of avalacnhes in St Anton and also areas of wildlife protection.

Our favorite area for off pist is in Stuben. Less poeple, slow lifts and great areas. The Langen forest is classic route with some of the best tree skiing in the world. Hit a dump and you will have a great time in St Anton skiing off piste. Otherwise you will learn to ski moguls whether you like it or not.  Dont forget to to close the day at the MooserWirt and Krazy Kanguruh bars. but if you want to ski the day after beware; its easy to get stuck in the aprés ski and keep drinking. So lets go skiing instead!

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