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Destination guide: Rusutsu, Japan

Rusutu Ski resort is located in Hokkaido and can be called as the holy grail for experienced skiers who love the powder trails. This place receives an average snowfall of about 14 meters and thus offers quite an incredible powder and tree skiing which is not found anywhere across the world.

We know that the powder is quite dry, and this is the reason you can blast straight to it without any virtual resistance. Rusutsu Hokkaido is an excellent venue for offering a day trip that starts from Niseko for those who wish to  try their hand at  Japow nirvana, but booking a long stay will let you explore more of Rusutsu.

The Rusutsu Ski Resort offer well-groomed piste that makes it one of the most sought after tourist destination for skiers with intermediate skiing skills. Moreover, there are fall in tree line skiing that are easily accessible through lifts that requires very less traversing. The powder runs do not have quite steep pitches or drop-offs, therefore is a great place to learn ski and snowboarding. Apart from this, you can also just enjoy the joy of traveling without any efforts through the wide expanse of dry powder.

Rusutsu is just 90 minutes away  Sapporo in the south-west direction, and the drive is of just 90 minutes from the New Chitose International Airport. The place offers shuttle buses to commute between Rusutsu and New Chitose Airport, and also between Rusutsu and well as the city of Sapporo. Moreover, Niseko is just 30-40 minutes far from Rusutsu Ski Resort and this place offers several ground transport operators which extends between the two resorts, and you can also get to Niseko to Rusutsu even for a single day in a guided tour.

At Rusutsu you can cover three main mountains (West Mountain, East Mountain and Mt Isola ) that offer incredible natural terrain which is unparalleled to other resorts. Along with all its attraction, one of the prime one is that it offers night skiing up to 9 pm. Lift passes are in the form of electronic cards that can easily activate the turnstiles which are automatic for each lift. All you need is one full day lift pass using which you can get access to all the three mountains in Rusutsu and not to forget the night skiing  on the West Mountain. The place offers class apart tree runs and off-piste skiing area making it one the most sought after destinations of the place.




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