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Destination guide: Revelstoke, Canada

Will this be the best ski resort in the world in 10 years? It might well be. Placed deep in BC (which is the negative part) this is a place to go for great powder skiing. Spin up and down in “The Stoke” on a cloudy day, hit the backcountry just 15 min hiking from the top or just ski on the not groomed pistes on a powder day. Great vertical drop, great terrain and some of the best skiers in the world. As you hear this is one of our favorite places to be. Last time we where here we were snowed in with the H1 closed and 6cm a hour pounding down 🙂

Revelstoke has it all. Quite nice village with restaurants, stores and hotels. But its a normal city and not a skiresort. The skiing is 10 min with car from the village but thats ok. The system has fast lifts, lot of gondolas and a good terrain. If you bring your skins you can very easily access the backcountry in ways you can hardly dream of. One downside is of course that it´s in Canada. So ifs its dumping you might have to wait for the skipatrol to open up the off pist areas for skiing. Dont break these rules since it might cost you the ski pass and some money (speaking from experience here).

Located on Mount Mackenzie at 8,058ft (2,456m), Revelstoke is the only ski resort village in the world that offers lift-skiing, cat-skiing and heli-skiing operations from the one resort base.  The cat ski area joins the southern resort boundary in South Bowl. This ‘side country’ bowl is no longer used for the cat ski operation due to the number of tracks from the backcountry skiers. South Bowl is a great place to start crossing into the backcountry since it has an obvious the cat track to point you back in the direction of the resort.

On the North Side you can push beyond the boundary of Greely Bowl. From the top of the Sub Peak boot pack you hike further towards the peak of Mt Mackenzie and drop into the couloirs above Greely Bowl. Upon exiting the alpine and entering the tree line, it is advised to follow the boundary ropes towards the Back 40 Glades. All fall lines beyond these trees can put you in danger of missing the turn-off back to the Ripper Chair.

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