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Destination guide: Mürren, Switzerland

Mürren is not a true freeirde paradise. But its one of those places you go to when there are no fresh powder. Then there is a big chance that Mürren has it. The backcountry is great but requires some local knowledge. The runs are normally quite steep but also short. You wont find the “grand” off piste runs here but you will find less competitio, great athmosphere and frash snow up to a week after a snowfall if you know where to go. And you will soon enough if you keep reading.

Mürren – was inhabited by the people of Lötschen valley and is still recognized from its unusual design of the homes as well as the Mürren dialect – it is the highest and a well-inhabited village located in the canton of Bern and is 1650 metres high from the Lauterbrunnen valley. The place offers a double-cable ropeway that leads to the plateau from Lauterbrunnen, wherein there is a cableway that comes from Stechelberg, that moves across the rough rock faces and turbulent waterfalls, which is in the centre of the village Mürren where you won’t see cars running across the street, and then move to Schilthorn which is located at 2970 metres.

The grandeur of the place offers a 360° panoramic view when at the pinnacle allows the world famous triumvirate of the Alpine regions such as Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, that reaches up to Mont Blanc and goes to the Black Forest. The place offers quite a pleasant view of the mountain that is opposite to them that can be enjoyed from Mürren. The walks start from the resort itself which has walking trails for about 200 km and renders awesome excursion experience. A funicular goes to Allmendhubel, which stands at an altitude of 1907 right metres right above the village.

Along with this, you get to have access to the Themed walks such as the North Face Trail, that also offers historical mountaineering information on the north faces, and the Flower Panorama Trail, which is an invitation for the tourists to visit the place. There are numerous Playgrounds as well as picnic spots that are perfect family hangout. Wherein if you are going for a complete tour and not just for skiing or snowboarding, then you can also enjoy natural reserve which is present in the Lauterbrunnen valley, along with the Sefinen valley which is over the Sefinenfurgge pass and goes to neighboring Kiental.

The winter sports area of Mürren-Schilthorn offer well-prepared ski tracks of 53 km and along with this, it offers toboggan runs, snowboard pistes, as well as trails for winter walking. Apart from the Lauterbrunnen valley, you get to access about 30 plus cableways as well as lifts, and pistes for about 160 km that are present in any other ski regions available in the Jungfrau region are also available for the visitors. Along with this, there is a cross-country ski trail of about 11 km in the valley.

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