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Destination guide: Mt Baker, USA

Mt. Baker Ski Area is a brilliant ski resort in the northwestern United States, located in Whatcom County, Washington. The elevation of the base is at 3,500 feet, and the peak of the resort is 5,089 feet high. This is about 10 miles towards the south about the 49th parallel as well as the international border of Canada.

This place holds a record of the world’s greatest recorded snowfall which is 1,140 inches or 95.0 ft in one season which is recorded during 1998–99 season.

Mt. Baker unofficially enjoys the highest average snowfall every year received by any resort of the world, which is a noteworthy 641 inches. The ski area is quite famous for numerous difficult inbound routes and several backcountry opportunities also encompasses it. The backcountry can be easily reached through several chairlifts, and access is permitted from the resort that follows the Mt. Baker Ski Area that also has a backcountry policy.

Lifts here at Mt. Baker does not have a name wherein are referred as a number, and all are fixed-grip quads. Chairs 3 and 4 are accessible from the same point but are available on two different sides of the mountain, and a continuous cable loop is also used; moreover, we also have a mid-station present at the top for unloading. Chair 1 is located at Heather Meadows Lodge, which is the upper base area which is present at the top of Panorama Dome.

You get to have a midpoint station here on this lift, and the best part is that the other riders can easily catch them halfway present down in the mountain, that allows speedy runs on Pan Face, Austin, Chicken Ridge,  North Face, and the well-known Chute.

Chair 1 can take you to Canyon and the along with this the other terrain of Chair 6. Chair 2 is situated at an upper base area of the Heather Meadows Lodge. This falls among the chair of beginners. Through Chair 3 the customers can either access the Raven Hut Lodge area can also return to Chairs 2 and 3.

Chair 4 starts from the Raven Hut Lodge area and provides back up to the top of Chair 3. Chair 5 replaced parallel double chairs as well as accesses an intermediate terrain, and experts-only Gabl’s run along with Elbow backcountry area.

Along with this beginners at skiing can access two surface lifts with handle-tow, one located Heather Meadows and the other at White Salmon.

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