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Destination guide: Madesimo, Italy

Madesimo is a small and quiet village. Since its 1,5h drive from Milan there are a lot of Milanistas here in the weekends. However, in the week it empty and if you hit a dump you will have some great skiing ahead of you. Madesimo is not a great place if you like to party. But if you like some great skiing it can be great.

There are a couple of things to remember. It takes quite a lot of snow for Madesimo to be good. The surface has a lot of shark fins and if its to little snow (+2,5m) it wont ge good. Also remeber, the system is not very steep. All the off pist worth mentioning is done from the top summit. The only way to go to the summit is by the very old gondola. Its slow, small and quite charming. And from the summit there is only two ways to get down, ski offpiste or take the gondola down again.

The most famous and easy to find run is the “Canneloni” which is the obvious canyon you see form the top a little bit skieers right of the top dropoff. We had the fortune to lay the first trax here on a deep powderday couple of years ago and this is a great ski mountain. SO many variations to explore and 1000 m vertical drop wil lgive you enough skiing. If you make 4 rounds a day to the top you wil be satisfied. Once the locals have skiied the Canneloni they skip the rest. You will see a ridge going skiers right that offers some great runs if you hike 15-90 mins. And if you climb over the fence on the top station and skie the backcountry there is a world class coouir with 500 straight vertical m of drop and amazing surrounding. The backcountry will take you to a nearby village where you can get free transfer back to Madesimo or take the underground train back to the system.

The Emet hotel is a nice place to stay at and if you like eating (and we mean eating) be sure to visit the Dogana Vegia and the owner Dario. Dont worry about the bill. For €50 you can eat great food and dring some great wine. Ask him to sit down and tell some stories and you will have a great evening.

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