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Destination guide: Livigno, Italy

Livigno is a perfect Italian Ski resort that is a part of Alta Valtellina ski area where ski enthusiasts can rejoice downhill skiing that extends to 184 km, and around 112 pistes, which are catered by 62 ski lifts. Along with skiing in Livigno, which itself offers 110km of well-groomed piste ski runs, one can get a good ski Lift Pass that will get access to other ski resorts such as Alta Valtellina and Santa Caterina. Situated at an elevation of 1500m, this ski resort offers you skiing or boarding quite nearby. It offers pistes that are at a height of above 2500 metres, which means that there is no end to the skiing and snowboarding season.

The airport is just two hours drive away, which means that you can even plan for a short trip just for a weekend or have short ski holidays to Livigno. This is a great skiing resort for the beginners who want to try their hand at skiing and just wish to have fun. Livigno’s offers lifts that are surface drags and run parallel to each another that move along the length of the village across the meadows that receive a good amount of sunlight which is covered by snow throughout the year and this is feasible because of the altitude of Livigno. This place offers six ski areas that surround the long village, these both are linked each other through lift. The village there splits the ski area into two.

Mottolino gondola is used to access the toughest skiing on the other side, and this finally is up to a height of 2785 metres at Monte Della Neve. To visit the larger skiing area you need to visit the Carosello 3000 ski centre that comes from the southern end of the village or by a series of chairlifts from the village centre. This resort offers quite smooth skiing trails that just above the treeline and offers red, which is a great place for those who wish to try their hand at skiing or those who have mediocre skills. Livigno does not have any restriction for its Italian neighbours, which also includes World Championships centre Bormio along with San Colombano and Santa Caterina. Off-piste skiing enthusiasts and snowboarders can access the area of Trepalle, which is beneath Monte Della Neve.

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