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Destination guide: Lech, Austria

Lech am Arlberg a village and an incredible ski resort located in Bludenz district in the state of Vorarlberg, Austria and is situated on river Lech. Speaking of geography as well as history, Lech comes under Tannberg district. Looking from the tourist perspective, it is a part of Arlberg region. Lech’s administration comes along with its neighboring villages such as Zug, Zürs, Stubenbach and Oberlech. Walser migrants coming from the canton of Wallis in Switzerland founded Lech back then in the fourteenth century. It was named as Tandberg in the nineteenth century, but then came the full name “Tannberg am Lech” which then transformed into the present name Lech.

Ski center

Lech has emerged out to be world’s leading ski destinations and is also a home of Olympic as well as world top ski champions. Lech is world famous for its skiing and offers on-piste as well as off-piste skiing. One gets a well-connected network through mechanical lifts along with groomed pistes that are cover neighboring villages such as St Christof, Zürs, Stuben, and St. Anton, since 2013/2014 winter. Moreover, here you have Warth and Schröcken, which together form the Arlberg region which is the birthplace of modern Alpine skiing and also has the Ski Club Alberg.

The well know “Der Weisse Ring” (“The White Ring”) starts and finishes both at Lech. It is a circle of lifts and runs which are quite a popular tour, and this scene of the annual race involves experts as well as others. The Royal family, as well as several celebrities, choose Lech for holidaying, and some of them are Diana, Tom Cruise, Princess of Wales, the Dutch Royal family and the former Queen Beatrix.

Lech being a skiing spot do not receive many audiences in summers as compared to winters. Despite that Lech have several attractions such as sporting, culinary, cultural along with other activities that are offered in summers as well. Apart from this, It offers several premier hotels as well as several top-class restaurants.
Apart from skiing, there are several other attractions such as the church of St Nicholas; that was built in 1390 in gothic style and was renovated in late 1987. Talking about its peculiar features of the church that happens to be the main attractions are its rococo interior built back in 1791. It also has a tower which is 33 metres high and has quite a distinct dome which is shaped like an onion, and it also has bronze bells that were from oldest dates and they are there since the sixteenth century.
Along with this, you have the Huber House which is of historical fame and it has now transformed into a museum. It was built in 1590, and here you can get to see examples of life lead by early men as well as their work, which also includes the workshop and original kitchen.

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