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Destination guide: La Thuile, Italy

 La Thuile is known commonly with the name of “Little Siberia” among Italians and it also receives the best snow conditions in the  Alpine region.

It’s unique position and north facing location in the Alpine region that spreads across two countries on the different region this is the reason why it receives snow from all the directions; this makes sure that the lowest routes of the village also do not have bad snow conditions. It seemed that in the last few seasons the runs in the village have been in a very good condition which is up to the end of the season. One can access pistes of about 150 km and along with this it also offers a good mix of runs, and it also allows you to ski over France to La Rosiere using only ski pass.

The ski pass also allows the users to get access to other ski resorts of the Aosta Valley for about two days, and it also offers a free bus to Courmayeur as well as a public bus that takes you to Pila.

There is a big difference in the capacity of hotel beds  (around 2000 beds) and its high lift capacity  (50000 skiers) every hour this brings to us the fact that queueing in La Thuile is not at all a problem. And those people whose children have restricted school holidays results to a lot of rush in the peak-season. However, you can go any point of time provided that the lonely slopes are appealing to you. La Thuile was established in an old mining village which is now restored and expanded. It offers quite an attractive centre, where there are bars, shops, and restaurants, which is just at the entrance. The ski pass package comprises of two days in Val d’Aosta resorts, and buses come to Courmayeur, which makes it quite a recommended outing resort.

One of the major attraction of the place is its fair-sized area that is linked to La Rosière in France. Slopes here are excellent for beginners. However, the main village is a little away from the lift base, and there is also a free bus. The Planibel complex is right to the main lift, and you can also get several hotels around it. The place offers quite a varied scenery that has an open bowl as well as lower wooded slopes that can be seen from that Mont Blanc itself.

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