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Destination guide: La Clusaz, France

Just near Annecy you will find La Clusaz. It’s one of the most underestimated free ride places in the alps. It’s a village that is profiling themselves as a freeride paradise. And it is! Less people then close by Chamonix and great opportunities. There are numerous options accessible from the lift like the balma area or the forest under the juments lift. But if you go for a short hike there are great runs to be found. There are no glaciers here in the system so it’s less dangerous then other places.

The system is basically consisted of three different summits. They are all quite low but facing north. This means the sun never get the chance to really melt the snow and the quality of the snow is great.

Some of the best skiers in the world consider this there home mountain like Seb Michaud, Loic Collomb Patton and the great Candide Thoveux. La Clusaz is well know by local people from Geneva but less known among English speakers and scandinavians. So less stress and powder hunters. This is for sure a great place for off piste skiing.

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Other Freeriders are skiing these runs in La Clusaz, France

Torchière Gully

0h, 59m

Combe de bellachat

2h, 0m

Col de Balme

0h, 25m