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Destination guide: Ischgl, Austria

Ischgl (1377m) is one of the best places for alpinism. It is a town located at Paznaun Valley in the state of Tyrol.

This place has the largest skiing resort in the Alps after combining Silvretta Arena Ischgl-Samnaun with Samnaun that lies on the contour of Switzerland. It offers 238 km of well-groomed pistes and on the top they are covered with 45 mechanical lifts that include cable cars, detachable chair lifts, gondolas, and also T-bars. Party lovers will certainly love Ischgl, as it is famous somewhat in a notorious way for its après-ski parties and boisterous nightlife. The resort became the center of attraction for skiing lovers when it began hosting concerts of world famous rock stars so as to celebrate the culmination of the ski season on an annual basis at the Idalp (2300m).

Mariah Carey, Bob Dylan, The Corrs, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Enrique Iglesias, Pink, Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Alicia Keys are among those internationally acclaimed artists who have performed here. Apart from this, world famous celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton have also visited the village. Moreover, Bill Clinton’s message given back then in 2002 at Ischgl earned attention of the people across the globe, and this also became a world media event.

Ischgl is situated on the Austrian side, which happens to be the worlds largest areas for ski. The village certainly has access to the ski area and has three ropeways; the Fimbabahn, the Pardatschgratbahn, & the Silvrettabahn. Moreover, the lifts are located centrally to render easy access to the skiing area. However, only two stations i.e. Silvrettabahn and the Fimbabahn have middle stations.

On the Idalp mountain, there is a central point of convergence of several ski lifts. Here there are two mountain stations called the Silvrettabahn and Fimbabahn, where you will get a big restaurant offering a panoramic view of the mountains. This is a place where all the areas of the resort can be reached through piste or using high-speed chairlift. Idalp is quite a busy place especially during peak times of the day, which is around 9:30-10:30 am, specifically when skiers and snowboarders enter the mountain from on their cable car. And somewhere around 12:00-1:30 pm, people take a lunch break and then around 3:30-4:30 pm, the snowboarders, and skiers go back to the village through piste or ropeway.

Above Idalp you could get several easy snow pistes and also a snow park for buccaneering snowboarders and skiers. But tourist must visit parts of Ischgl area, where they will get quiet runs while heading to Paznauner Thaya and Höllboden. In this areas, you will get many red runs, and some are challenging blacks. However, the steepest run in the entire resort is at Höllboden bowl, which can be reached via “Lange Wand” chair lift that runs on code “C5”.

This ultra-modern lift carries snowboarders and skiers to the black run at “70%” gradient. Apart from this Paznauner Thaya has various red runs that can be managed by Intermediates.

The resort comprises of lifts on both the sides and the pistes are also in a very good condition. Moreover, high-speed chair, or Gondola lifts and pistes are well maintained so as to provide best skiing condition to the tourists.

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