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Destination guide: Hakuba, Japan

Hakuba in known as the Japanese Alps located near Nagano, is a valley that has ample lot of ski resorts. The “Hakuba ski resort” is quite a popular ski resort that caters to numerous international tourists as it offers ample lot of aspects offered by ski holiday that other all the ski resorts in Japan do not offer.

Hakuba is a place where you will get people who speak English while and also maintains the Japanese cultural experience that offers a great cultural vibe. Hakuba offers accommodation that includes self-contained lodging as well as luxury options which is quite rare for Japan ski resorts.

Hakuba’s main ski resort, Happo One, is one of the great resort for families, as well as child care that offers perfect ski lessons for kids and this is conducted by staff that versed in English. Apart from this, there are several other benefits that are offered by Hakuba ski holiday. In the Hakuba Valley, you have 11 ski resorts that offer quite an expansive terrain. The Hakuba Ski resorts are not interconnected with each other through slopes (excluding  Goryu and  Hakuba 47, Cortina and Norikura). However, one common ticket is sufficient to access the all the lifts and along with this, it offers free shuttle buses to get around to the different ski areas.

The ski resorts in this area are  Norikura, Cortina,  Iwatake, Happo-One, Tsugaike Kogen, Goryu, Hakuba 47,  Kashimayari, Jigatake, Sanosaka,  and Minekata, which is opposite to the side of the valley from Hakuba town. One of the major attraction of Hakuba is the vast 960 hectares of size it offers that is equal to 137km long piste and more that 200 courses, that includes 135 lifts and about nine terrain parks. The Hakuba skiing offers quite a varied season of the resorts, but this is quite good for the beginners as well as intermediates as they offer quite long as well as well developed runs and quite an incredible fall-line. The place offers quite an incredible place for the skiers as well as snowboarders those who rejoice the steep groomers offered by the resorts, and those who enjoy bumps will be rejoicing over here.

There are certain resorts where off-piste skiing is banned and is under strict surveillance. However, there are some resorts that might tolerate a little bit tree skiing, while on the other side, Cortina is quite a smooth going free riding powder mecca.

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