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Destination guide: Fernie, Canada

Fernie is located in the Elk Valley area of the East Kootenay region of south-eastern British Columbia, Canada. It has some of the most beautiful terrains and receives the best snowfall in the complete Canada; this offers a historic mining space of 4,217 people in the southeastern corner of British Columbia which runs the greater ski-scene radar.

This is certainly not a negative thing as it offers quite a wide-open alpine area, daredevil chutes, knife ridges, that are not much crowded, as well as fresh skiing tracks that can even be found on afternoons of the powder days. This place is best for skiers who are looking for some serious adventure and who like to explore steep and deep.

This place offers consistent powder as compared to Whistler and temperature out here is warmer than Banff, which is a conducive environment for skiing and snowboarding. This place is similar to its American cousin, Whitefish, which is located a hundred miles away and situated to the south. Fernie is a small town with a gorgeous downtown. The place has restaurants that offer quite an eclectic menu; it offers you old train station which is now transformed into an arts center, as well as ski bums in abundance. In this town, all the old skis are converted into benches, fences, and coat racks.

All the credit goes to the advancements taking place on the hill as well as the town, and offers a variety of lodging options for people with different budget, as here you can get regular hotels as well as luxurious lodges. It offers five separate bowls which overwhelms  and gives adrenaline throughout the day to even proficient skiers. Moreover, it offers chairlift for the new summit of Polar Peak that opens up views to the mountains extending up to hundreds of miles and a vertical drop of about 3,497 feet.

You can also harness world-class cat skiing at Bear Lodge of Island Lake Catskiing, which is quite a suitable place for the powder lovers. Fernie has budgeted hotels like The Raging Elk Hostel as well opulent hotels like The Lizard Creek Lodge. To gorge on nachos, you can visit The Griz Bar which is located on the top of the hill and apart from this it offers fantastic music by après-ski bands. Do make sure to go for the naked table sliding. Sky Dive nonstop that extends from top to bottom is certainly the best drive.

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