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Destination guide: Disentis, Switzerland

The holiday region of Disentis Sedrun is situated in upper Surselva, which is the source of Rhine. The Rhaeto-Romanic culture, as well as the Alpine nature of the place, makes it quite an interesting destination. For skiers who also have a heart for tourism can visit Benedictine monastery in Disentis which is a must visit.

Disentis offers incredible skiing condition in summers as well as winters. Water, mountains, and summer skies: Disentis is undoubtedly one of the best places to vacation with your near and dear ones and allows you to hike over meadows of green Alpine, that allows you to take rest in groves of cool alder as well as the fragrance of Alpine herbs as well as flowers planted across the wayside.

Along with this, the place also offers a varied range of hiking tours that run across the gargantuan mountain s of Graubünden and go from quite incredible family walks to high elevations of Alpine.

Irrespective of age the place offers quite an incredible mountaineering experience. Another major highlight of this place is the hike to the Tomasee, which is located at the source of Rhime. Disentis attracts skiers and snowboarders from different parts of the globe by its special attractions such as two vast areas for skiing and not just this the place is well equipped with several facilities for the pistes making it a credible skiing destination. Which means that the place offers slopes of 180 km for skiers to discover.

Snowboarder and skier get to experience endless new avenues to experience Disentis, which is situated at 3,000 m when measured from the sea level. Those who have a fetish for skiing must visit SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun, which is a perfect place. The caveat here about Disentis is that if you are thinking of it as a family vacation, then you must rethink about it as it is a resort for freeriders.

Disentis is an incredible place for dedicated skiers and snow tourers and focuses mainly on freeride as well as backcountry skiing. You can also take part in Surselva Marathon, a cross-country event for skiing in the month of January and the month of March is Trofea Pez Ault.

Another quite famous event of the place that takes place in the month of June is La Cuorsa dil Rein, which is half-marathon in Nordic walking and running. There is nothing to worry about music lovers as we have ROCKseDRUN

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