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Destination guide: Cortina d'ampezzo, Italy

The ski ground of the Cortina is known to be one of the most beautiful ski grounds on earth, and the reason behind this is the dramatic peaks of the Dolomites that have covered them in every direction. There are an ample lot of gifted places that are contesting for this title. This is certainly a place for skiers who like to enjoy the picturesque views and also have a fetish for wine. It is known to be Italy’s most upscale ski resort. Cortina offers car-free Corso Italia, where you can access designer boutiques, furriers, as well as sunglasses which is quite costlier than one ski.

It offers you a glimpse of classic Italy and offers a lot of fun to buccaneering skiers. Another main attraction of this place is that the people out there are more interested in socializing than skiing, and this is the reason behind why the slopes are not that much crowded as compared to the European standards. Further, the place also offers you comfortable yet inexpensive places to stay and relish savory food.

Despite the fact that it is overwhelmingly attractive, the skiing is though somewhat fragmented, which makes it easy for the taxi services or a car services to utilize this area optimally. Along with the cabs services you get to have free shuttle bus services that connect the ski areas and offer continuous services while the lifts are operational. This is a great place for the beginners as well as the intermediates as they can rejoice their time on the most attractive and well-groomed runs. The two major runs for beginners, as well as children, are Socrepes and Mietres.

For those who have no aversion to taxi or bus rides, can go for tickets of Dolomiti Superski that gives you the leverage to explore a wide network of resorts that cover resorts apart from Cortina and offers explicit terrain for proficient skiers. Hotel Montana is perhaps the best place to crash as it is quite cheap, which is present in the smack of the town. Moreover, for those who have deep pockets can go onboard with Hotel de la Poste as it offers a quite beautiful Italian atmosphere.

Talking about food, the place has restaurants like Birreria Vienna, Pizzeria-Restorante where your can get a platter at Twenty Euro. There are also restaurants like Meloncino al Camineto from where you can see the entire valley.

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