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Destination guide: Champuloc, Italy

Masterful off piste, great rides and tough black runs. Everyone loves Champoluc. In magazines and on travel sites are nothing but praise for this Italian gem. If you want a ski holiday where the focus is on good skiing so you should book a trip to Champoluc. Located on the southern side of the Alps’ second highest mountain Punta Dufour in Monte Rosamassivet, 4634 meters above sea level, is the perfect destination for passionate ski lovers.

Champoluc attracts ski enthusiasts year after year and offers plenty of comfortable skiing. Here you will find family-friendly, a little easier slopes, long red and black runs and off-piste class. Freeride.se recommend Champoluc for those who want to get the most out of your skiing. The village is charming and in a genuine resort appreciate the friendly and helpful locals guests from Scandinavia. Our hotels have a high standard and is perfectly situated near lifts and slopes.

In Champoluc the closest ski system is the one of Monterosa Ski, which includes around 200km of piste, 88 slopes, and 44 lifts. There is a range of difficulties on the slopes, with the majority of red slopes, which makes it perfect for the whole family. The mini systems of Antagnod, Estoul, Gressoney-Saint Jean and Brusson are also included in the system of Monterosa Ski when you buy a ski pass for more than one day.

In the Champoluc area it is easy to find good off-pist skiing places. You have the wild and unexploited areas at your doorstep, even during busy season it is not too hard to find places to make your own fresh lines. When you are going off-pist there are three options:

1. you can go by yourself to the nice terrain that is close to lifts and slopes
2. you can go with a guide (either walk uphill with skies or snowshoes, or go on a heli-skiing trip) or
3. you can go on your own adventure, with skis or snowshoes, to the close forests and open Alpin fields (for example near the village of Saint Jaques or Mascognaz)

So, lets get out there for some poweder skiing and dont forget to leave your friend at home. No friends on a powderday!

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