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Destination guide: Chamonix, France

Chamonix is the worlds capitol of alpinism. If you ski or snowboard, Chamonix France should definitely be on your bucket list. Chamonix has an allure for the hard core and adventurous in particular, with world renowned off-piste skiing and riding. Some of the lines are so challenging that you will die if you dont know what you are doing. Chamonix can be heaven or hell. See all off piste in Chamonix here!

Skiing Powder in Chamonix is hard. The competition for the white gold is enourmous and you will have to compete with some of the best skiiers in the world, hords of tourists and everything in between. The area is dominated by the 4,810 metre Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe, which serves as a playground for extreme sports enthusiasts. Between ice climbing, paragliding and extreme skiing, it’s not surprising that Chamonix has been described as the “the death-sport capital of the world”!

If you only ski off pist near the lifts Chamonix is not for you (if your looking for powder). You can find great skiing in spectacular surroundings but you will have max 1 hour after a dump to ski powder. If you are into touring and alpinism there is no limit to what you can find in Chamonix. But remember, sking in Chamonix means you are in dangerous terrain with 50+ deaths each year.

It´s not a bad choice to ski in Flegére instead of Grand montets. Less people and there are plenty of fun terrain. The Auiguille du midi has the best runs but also the biggest risks. Bring harness, cord and knowledge and you can enjoy it.

Some of the greatest runs in Chamonix include classics like “the Mur”, “Pas de chevre”, “Poubelles”, “Ensa” and the Glacier Rond. All world class runs but there are at least another 250 runs to discover. People spend their entire life in Chamonix and still wait for the right conditions to ski a certain run. Chamonix is the place were legends are born and die. A place to move away for or stay for the life.

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  • Stay in Argentiere instead of Chamonix
  • Be out early after a dump (real early)
  • Hire a guide if you are feeling adventorous
  • By the carte neige
Other Freeriders are skiing these runs in Chamonix, France

Colouir Bellin

0h, 30m

Pre du Rocher

1h, 0m

Les Courtes, North East Spur

6h, 0m
  Extremely difficult