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Destination guide: Cervinia, Italy

Cervinia is one of the most snowsure ski resort of Italy and is known as Monte Cervino among the native people; wherein it is known as Matterhorn in the other parts of the world.

The altitude of this place is 2,050m in the village, and a height of 3,883m is the top lift station – which means that you get to access the slopes from top to bottom as they offer snow throughout the season which starts from the November and goes up to the beginning of May.  This is a place also offers summer glacier skiing and snowboarding, even in the month of October and is certainly one of the prettiest resort of the Alpine region.  The pre-WW2 buildings show the austerity, and the hotels are arranged in quite a messy pattern along with the apartment that is a remainder of the past century.

Wherein the modern buildings, are quite matched to their beautiful surroundings. Cervinia and the linked village of Valtournenche that has a wonderful playground for snow sports that comprises of easy gradient that consists of a never-ending slope. This provides beginners as well as intermediates to gain confidence in quite a high-mountain area. Here you also get to savor lunch in the wayside which is quite delightful.

Ski racers get to enjoy the long yet well-groomed ski runs. Moreover, those who do not experience benign gradient can go for the lift system and move on to the frontier of Switzerland so as to get more intense slopes at Zermatt, that one can reach from the far side of Klein Matterhorn.
Moreover, it is quite important for you to keep a check on time as well as the weather. As on a cloudy day, the wind can be quite ferocious, due to which the link might close without any caveat and to reach your resort you need to cover a long distance you via lifts as well as skis if you are at a distant corner of the Swiss resort.

Of chance if you get stuck in Zermatt, so it is preferred to bivouac there for the night in a hotel rather than board a taxi to come back to home . Moreover, it takes approximately six hours in order to come back to Cervinia via road.

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