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Destination guide: Åre, Sweden

Åre is the best skiresort in Sweden, no doubt. This is the place were the local daredevils gather at Östra Ravin (famous off pist run) for a big drop and the celebrities watch them from any of  the top class resturants in the village. Lets be serious, there aint much power on Åre on a regular season. If your lucky there are 5-10 days with powder, and then were talking some 10-15 cm of fresh. Rest of the time you can find blower powder or small pockets of unskied snow.

But..dont be sad. There is plenty of good skiing here. Vertcial drop of 800 m and if you hike for 20m you get another 300m vertical drop. During hi seasons queus can be long but lowe seasons is great. Go here in April for some spring skiing and cold snow on the top. Then enjoy the bustling nightlife in the village in the evening.

Best areas to find good offpist are the backcountry (Baksidan), Östra ravin and the black mountain (Svartberget). Nearby Tegefjäll and Duved can also be worth a quick visit. If you are into jibbing the park here is worldclass. In general, the off pist is not steep and it involves a lot of transition. But the mountain is fun and there are many great skiers here, Henrik Windestedt and Reine Barkered being just two of them.

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  • Svartberget is avalanche prone

  • Hike to the top and ski down the backcountry

  • Save some money, its expensive!
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