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Destination guide: Alagna, Italy

Alagna Valsesia is a freeride paradise. It´s an official slogan from the village to be a freeride paradise. The potential is huge on mountain with big lines, steep colouirs and everything in between. The village is small and cozy and is popular not only with freeriders but also with families.

The area also contains Champuloc and Gressoney. On a whiteout day Champuloc forests are a good choice. The village is in Italy so it can get quite warm here. Alagna usually gets a lot of snow and is often hit by real deep dumps. However, it only lasts for a few days before the sun heats it up to much and then it´s can be a nightmare of avalanche danger. A lot of the skiing requires some booting or hiking and the downside is that there is little skiing in the vertical line. You need to traverse and end up far from the system so 2-3 runs per day is wha you get here. If you ski the famous Malfatta for example you end up a 20 min walk from the village.

However, Alagna is a great place for freeriders because of the relaxed attitude, the great dumps and a challenging mountain.

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