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Destination guide: Airolo, Switzerland

Airolo, is situated at a height of 1141 meters when we go towards the foothills on southern side of the Gotthard Pass, and from there one gets the access to the Bedretto Valley, and from there you get access to Nufenen Pass, which is present at the adjacent Canton of Valais, or through San Giacomo Pass which is a hiking trail through the Italian Formazza Valley. Though, there is a lot of stress one can get in the transit traffic, Airolo is still quite a famous resort for vacations.

Those who will be visiting during summers, Airolo is the point where one can start to have ideal hiking tours. SchweizMobil’s Alpine Pass Trail and The Trans Swiss Trail cross their path here along with Strada alta Leventina, which is a road in the mountain that heads towards the South, Passo di Cristallina and the Strada degli alpi which is in the direction of the Maggia Valley are quite famous routes.

There you will get mountain huts such as Corno Gries, Cristallina, Cadlimo, Piansecco, and Cadagno or even the steep funicular present at the Ritom region are the most desirable destinations for an excursion that one can get from Airolo. You get to access hydropower sites that are available in this area, for instance, Favre’s feeder canal, which take’s the spring water to the railway tunnel. It is known for the remains as they are still discovered there.

The Airolo skiing area covers a vast expanse of 1141 to 2256 meters which are situated above the sea level. To get a direct view of St. Gotthard Massif you get to visit at Pesciüm. They offer piste that extends up to 30 kilometers that offer a quite breathtaking panoramic view. You get to leverage two cable cars, chairlift and three ski lifts that allow the snow riders to enjoy the runs such as Comascnè, Sasso della Boggia, and Varozzei.

Apart from Airolo-Pesciüm lift, you get to leverage some of the small lifts of Lüina that are available in the lift village, along with Cioss Prato, which is located in the Bedretto Valley. Both these venues are incredible for a family vacation. Bedrotto Valley, offer great space for ski hikers along with skiers those who prefer cross-country skiing that find a variety of trails as well as cross-country tracks on the Pesciüm.

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