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About Us

Powedermap.com was founded in 2016 by longtime skier Fredrik Jansson. Fredrik is also the founder of several other websites such as HotelSpecials.se and Timetomeet,se. After sking +40 days a seasons the last 20 years (with some truly epic powederdays) all around the world he decided to solve his own problems. That problem was to arrive late at night at a new resort and find the best skiing the day after. Thats how the idea behind powdermap was born.

We have all been new to a area or mountain and had to find our way around. Sometimes we spend several days just scoping lines and exploring the area. But now there is a way of doing this faster and getting good skiing anywhere. Just bring Powdermap along and you will have the best itinaries in your mobile ready to huide you. Over time, Powdermap.com will evolve to become more then it is today. New features will be added as more people find us.

If you like to get in touch, please email us at pow[at]powdermap.com and we will get back to you. Beware! If there´s a storm coming our way we might be out skiing for some days. Remember, there are no waiting for friends on a powder day.